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Kamis, 10 Mei 2012

Cheat Rise of Nations: Gold Edition



Untuk yang suka main Game Rise of Nations Gold Edition saya punya cheat nya nih, mau..? cekidoooottt.

untuk mengaktifkan cheat nya tekan "ENTER"
lalu masukan cheat berikut ini:

Cheat Keys
During game play, press ENTER to bring up the Chat bar. Type in "cheat keys on" to activate the functions listed below.
+1,000 to all resourcesAlt+F5
Speeds up selected research/building/unit in progressAlt+F9

Cheat Mode

Press [Enter] to input codes:
Creates a bird where your cursor ischeat bird
Kills anything selectedcheat die
10 Submachine gunners are createdcheat safe
cancel tour age researchescheat age research
cancel your civic researchescheat military research
cancel your civic researchescheat civic research
cancel your commerce researchescheat commerce research
cancel your science researchescheat science research
Control all playerscheat sandbox
Finishes what you are buildingcheat finish
Nukes where your cursor ischeat nuke
Reveals the whole mapcheat reveal

Rise of Nations Cheats



Hit ENTER and type in a code below
Deploys the currently selected unit(s), if they are deploying unitscheat deploy
Adjust damage to objectcheat damage (damage(o[,who]|select)[+|-]damage )
Change game explore configcheat explore (explore[normal|explored|all])
Creates a lot of machine guns around every human capitalcheat safe
Defeat nationcheat defeat (who)
Display achievementscheat achieve
Drop a Nuke at mouse positioncheat nuke
Drop a Wild Bird at Mousecheat bird
Finishes selected building(s) or next item in queuecheat finish (finish)
Force alliance with nationcheat ally (who)
Force encounter with nationcheat meet (who)
Force encounter-off with nationcheat unmeet (who)
Force peace with nationcheat peace (who)
Force war with nationcheat war (who)
Give/take away resourcescheat resource (resource[who][goodtype|all][+/-][amount])
Insert unit or building at mouse loccheat add (add[#]typename[who=RED][x,y])
Insert unit or building at mouse loccheat insert (insert[#]typename[who=RED][x,y])
Kill object or all selectedcheat die (die[o[,who]|select])
move to certain agecheat age ([age]who)
Packs the currently selected unit(s), if they are packing unitscheat pack
Pause Gamecheat pause (0-1)
Sets all players to humancheat sandbox
Sets difficultycheat diff (0-5)
Sets the AIcheat ai (on/off/debug)
Show combat rangescheat ranges (1|0)
Show or change agecheat age (age[age][who])
Show or change all library tech levels for nationcheat library (library[level][who])
Show or change civic level for nationcheat civic (civic[level][who])
Show or change commerce level for nationcheat commerce (commerce[level][who])
Show or change militarycheat military (military[level][who])
Show or change military level for nationcheat military (military[level][who])
Show or change science level for nationcheat science (science[level][who])
Show or change technologycheat tech (who)[tech|all](on/off)
Toggle bounding box modecheat bbox (1|0)
Toggle reveal mapcheat reveal (reveal[1|0])
Turn off computer controlcheat human (who)
Turn on computer controlcheat computer (who)
Victory for nationcheat victory (who)

Faster Research and More Resources

When you're playing a quick battle or a campaign, press enter to bring up the chat and type in: cheat keys on. Then press enter. No dialog box should come up. Now just press the following buttons to get exactly what you want.
+1000 to each resourceAlt+F5
speeds up creation on selected buildingAlt+F9

  • Editing units

    Doing this can allow you to change stats of units.

    First find your rise of nations folder. then go to the ''data'' folder. Find the file called ''unitrules''. right-click on it and go to properties. be sure to select only archive and disable read-only. open this document using preferable mircosoft word. Then be sure to read the information. Next you can edit any unit. Be sure not to change the names of the units this can cause errors
    Contributed By: Makotech222.
  • Increase population limit

    PART I -- Find your Rise Of Nations folder in your Microsoft games directory in the program files folder in your C drive. Go into the data folder, and look for rules.xml, right-click the file and select open in notepad. Press Ctrl+F, and type in <POP_CAP> to search for it. From here you can edit the desired population limit entries in quotation marks. Also, search for and edit <MAX_POP_LIMIT> value and type in the same number that you entered for the last entry in the pop cap field.

    PART II -- Then press Ctrl+F, and search poplimits. Edit each category to the desired population cap you would like. Then type in the desired population limits in the data brackets under each category.

    For example, the end result would be:

    <POP_CAP entry0=''2500'' entry1=''5000'' entry2=''7500'' entry3=''10000'' entry4=''12500'' entry5=''15000'' entry6=''17500'' entry7=''90000 pop cap''/>


    <MAX_POP_LIMIT value=''90000 pop cap''/>


    <CATEGORIES id=''poplimits'' title=''Population:''>
    <CATEGORY name=''5000''>
    <DATA>5000 </DATA>

    Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Cheats


    Faster Research and More Resources

    When you're playing a quick battle or a campaign, press enter to bring up the chat and type in: cheat keys on. Then press enter. No dialog box should come up. Now just press the following buttons to get exactly what you want.
    +1000 to each resourceAlt+F5
    Refills a selected unit's mana. Also recharges that unit's abilities. Can only be used on one unit at a time.Alt + F10
    Refills a unit's health. Can only be used on one unit at a time.Alt + F11
    speeds up unit creation, building creation, and research.

    General Cheats

    Start Typing.
    Then put in one of the codes below
    adds mana to the hero/cheat mana (who-hero name) (+/-)number
    adds resources/cheat resource (who) (what) (+/-)number
    adds some Juggernauts and Air Destroyers around your capital (race does not matter)/cheat safe
    Caraven/cheat add eagle bomber
    changes explore configurations/cheat explore (normal/explored/all)
    Changes the amount of damage on selected units or buildings/cheat damage (+/-) (number)
    Death sphere/cheat add death sphere
    Eagle bomber/cheat add eagle bomber
    Elite Sun idol/cheat add elite sun idol
    Fallen Priest/cheat add fallen priest
    Fallen snake/cheat add fallen snake
    finishes the selected building (can be used for units if building is making units)/cheat finish
    generates a new map/cheat mapgen
    gives the desired dominance/cheat dominance (which) (who
    Glass horror/cheat add glass horror
    God of death/cheat add czin
    Hallucination/cheat add chicken hallucination
    his adds a unit or a building to the locattion you are pointing with the mouse/cheat add (number) (what)
    Kills selected units or buildings/cheat die
    Moon jackal/cheat add moon jackal
    Moon Sentinel/cheat add moon sentinel
    Obelisk/cheat add obelisk
    researches all tech/cheat tech (who) tech (on/off)
    reveals the map/cheat reveal
    Scout eye/cheat add scout eye
    Siege elephant/cheat add siege elephant
    Sun god/cheat add Xil
    Sun idol/cheat add sun idol
    this forces peace, an alliance, or war with a player/cheat (ally,peace,war) (who)
    Unholy ark/cheat add unholy ark
    win the mission/cheat victory

    List of force added Special units

    These are found by pressing enter and typing:/cheat add #(number of that unit) and the type of unit. An example is /cheat add 15 imperial musketeer.
    You get 15 groups of musketeers. Make sure you don't use plural words for this cheat and no capitalization(like shok). These are forced added units I found that can make your game lag if you put too much units.
    Creates a Queen Spider./cheat add (#) giant
    Andromolek/cheat add 1 Andromolek
    Arri/cheat add 1 Arri
    Carlini/cheat add 1 Carlini
    Creates a scout form zeke./cheat add (#) zeke
    Creates sun idol./cheat add (#) great
    Creates the form that you entered./cheat add(#) zeke (attack form) or (siege form)
    Czin's hidden temple (not revealed)/cheat add 1 death temple
    Czin,the God of Death/cheat add 1 czin
    Dakhla/cheat add 1 Dakhla
    Damanhur/cheat add 1 Damanhur
    For some reason it makes a queen Salamander./cheat add (#) queen spider
    Giacomo/cheat add 1 Giacomo
    gives you a doges hammerdoges hammer
    gives you a elder glass golemmega glass golem
    gives you a elder salamanderelder
    gives you a false idolfalse idol
    gives you a fire golemmaster fire golem
    gives you a lava spiderlava
    gives you a super clock work mansuper
    gives you a super jugernautsuper jugger
    gives you a turretsturrets
    gives you another sawu herosawu
    gives you the standard dark alin troopsdark
    Ix's temple/cheat add 1 moon temple
    Ix,the God of Moon/cheat add 1 moon
    Kakoolha/cheat add 1 kakoolha
    Lenora/cheat add 1 lenora
    Makes a siege zepplin./cheat add (#) siege
    Makes a useless pirata base ship./cheat add (#) pirata
    Petruzzo the lord of miana/cheat add 1 petruzzo
    Sawu/cheat add 1 Sawu
    Shok's temple/cheat add 1 rain temple
    Shok,the Goddess of Storm/cheat add 1 shok
    The Doge,Ruler of Venucci/cheat add 1 the
    Xil's temple/cheat add 1 sun temple
    Xil,the God of Sun/cheat add 1 xil
    Yontash/cheat add 1 Yontash

    Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots Cheats


    Faster research & building and free bonus resources

    When you're playing a quick battle or a campaign, press enter to bring up the chat and type in &quot;cheat keys on&quot; (without the quotes) and press enter. No dialogue should come up. Now just press the following buttons to get exactly what you want.
    Gain 1000 of each type of resourceALT + F5
    This either complete finishes the research, building, or unit creation or gives you a significant boost towards creating/researching the selected unitALT + F9


    In-Game Codes

    You can enter these codes by pressing the Enter key in-game. To make sure the codes work, substitute the bracketed area with the item you want to replace it with. For example, with &quot;cheat diff [0-5]&quot;, if you wanted it at its hardest setting, you change it to &quot;cheat diff 5&quot;.
    Change Difficultycheat diff [0-5]
    Create Bird at Pointercheat bird
    Defeat Playercheat defeat [name]
    Destroy Selected Unit/Buildingcheat die
    Fast forwards the game time by however many minutes you enteredffwd #(minutes)
    Finish Selected Building or Item in Queuecheat finish
    Get Heavy Machine Gun Infantrycheat safe
    Get Resourcescheat resource all+[#]
    Get Technology Levelcheat library [#]
    Nuke at Pointercheat nuke
    Reveal Mapcheat reveal [0 or 1]
    Reveal Map and Control All Playerscheat sandbox
    Victory for Playercheat victory [name]

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